Chile, located in South America, still preserves virgin and pure environments with wonderful geographic contrasts. These range from the Atacama desert, the most arid of the world, in the North, to the Patagonia and Antarctic, magical zones with eternal ice, in the South. The West, bathed by the Pacific Ocean, gives birth to the country’s terrestrial zone, ending in the Cordillera de Los Andes, the youngest of all the large mountain ranges in the world. It is in this place, the high mountain peaks, that the PETEROA GLACIER is located, offering us its ancestral, pristine, virgin and soft mineral water.

The Origin

Located in the volcanic group Planchon-Peteroa, at 4,084 masl, the Peteroa Glacier rests on the slope of the Volcano of the same name: Peteroa, from the  Mapuche words "puthen" (to burn) and "roa" (branches).

Our curative water, of ancestral terroir, flows from the Glacier in its natural aquifer, protected by walls of impermeable rocks, preserving its purity, transparency, origin and life. Passing through its pressed path, the water emerges spontaneously to the artesian spring, where the harvesting process begins.


At the end of the world, in Chile, country of contrasting landscapes, we can appreciate the indomitable beauty of the Planchon-Peteroa volcanic complex. East of Curicó, in the Maule Valley, the complex unfolds in 130 km ². From the road you can see its elongated profiles and rock slabs, covered, for the most part, by impressive and wonderful GLACIERS, the origin of our noble, soft and pristine water.

Passing the beautiful “Teno” lagoon, we approach the imposing craters of the Peteroa Volcano, an indomitable beast that stands with its majestic 4.084mts. Slopes covered with stones, extremely porous from andesite and basalt, the giants demand a tribute from anyone who wants to access their virgin sources. Same tributes they would have received from the ancestral peoples, who saw in these waters their nobility, mysticism and purity. Considered to be sacred and medicinal,  these waters were an essential part of the ancestral peoples’ lives, together with the Araucaria, as they sustained their sacred rites and gratitude prayers to their Gods

All we know is that these waters have been there for thousands of years, even before these confines of the planet were reached by humans. Incredible to think that they are relics, perhaps a natural phenomena that survived the passage of time. Relics, in this case, of the last glaciation and the ice that used to cover most of the Southern Cone of South America. 

9,500 years of underground travels from the PETEROA GLACIER to Maule Valley filter this exquisite and unique water from the Artesian Spring naturally,  through cracks and layers of mineral rocks.  The water is harvested in its origin to benefit people with its magic, softness, purity and taste.


About Us

The Family

We are a family company, with more than four generations dedicated to viticulture and fruit growing. Our passion for the earth and its generous capacity to provide us with its beneficial and innumerable natural resources, is the foundation of our company and our products.

Our objetive is to continue transmitting our passion to the world, through the soft, pure and immaculate mineral water obtained from the PETEROA  GLACIER, which flows from its natural aquifer to sprout in the artesian spring.


Our Process

No human intervention, an absolutely automated plant, a water torrent that is conducted through stainless steel ducts of alimentary grade and subjected to essential filtration, are the elements that allow us to assure that the purity of the bottled water remains as true to its origin as possible.

Paying special attention to every detail, respecting and admiring our Mother Earth for its kindness we try to transfer this wonderful feeling of freedom, virginity and nobility to those who wish to experience it.


El Agua


Up to date, no objective qualifications have been standarized for mineral water worldwide. However, there are certain characteristics that give water a special classification, according to Finewaters.

In the case of PETEROA, the low level of mineralization of the water, gives it a soft and neutral feel, while its low presence of nitrates is indicative of its virgin origins: almost no intervention of external agents. These natural conditions allow us to ensure that its taste, quality and purity will give you unparalleled pleasure.


As in any production process, inputs, including those provided by nature, must be analyzed to be certified as products intended for human consumption. In this specific case, the composition and characteristics of  the springs "Lontuecito1" and "Lontuecito2", found in our farm, were studied.

The water from both springs began its phase of analysis in 2000, year in which it was determined that their source of mineral water was of excellent quality and had unique physico-chemical characteristics. Its LOW level of mineralization was particular astounding,  providing it with a unique crystallinity and an incomparable flavor.

In May 2007, after a long follow-up process (bacteriological, physicochemical and hydrogeological study), it was concluded that this delicate mineral water was a result of the thawing of the Volcano Peteroa’s GLACIER, in the Andes Mountains, Chile. Consequently, the water coming from these slopes was declared Curative Source, by Presidential Decree.


The goodness of our earth, its majesty and what we know about our ancestors, are the elements that inspired our corporate image.

The Andes mountain range, contrasted with its beautiful ice slabs; the Araucaria that stands on its slopes and plains; and the ice crystal, delicate, transparent and fresh, merge in an artistic and beautiful poem representing the environment in which our water is originated.

The ice crystal, what a better representation of purity.

The Araucaria, tree revered by our native peoples, and another source of inspiration in their honour

The Cordillera de Los Andes, imposing mountains and volcanoes, runs throughout our long land full of natural wonders

This trilogy represents, in full, the sensation that we want to transmit when presenting our product: that the magic of water flows to the outside .


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